The Male Wife

The Male Wife

Author: Taro Milk Tea, 香芋奶茶
Year: 2017
Status in COO: Completed
Chapters: 366 Chapters + 9 Extras
Genres: Historical, Male Pregnancy, Misunderstanding, MPREG, Rebirth, Revenge,
              Romance, Second Chance, Yaoi
Associated names:
Translator: MiokiMidori


Pei Cheng died without hearing "Dad" from the child he gave birth. Let alone seeing his nominal husband for once before his death.

After his rebirth, he was still the male wife of Jing second master, the chess piece of Pei family, and the 'Dad' of his child.

 ***All rights reserved to the original author (Taro Milk Tea, 香芋奶茶). ***

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***We have some explanation of this novel HERE. You can read it to decide whether to read this novel or not. 😉***

Chapter 001: The male wife was not favored

Chapter002: He is your Dad

Chapter 003: Never accepted him

Chapter 004: The so-called husband

Chapter 005: Familiar yet Unfamiliar

Chapter 006: The Old Lady of the Jiang Family

Chapter 007: They deliberately made things difficult for him

Chapter 008: The Obvious Dislike

Chapter 009: The Pei family is here!

Chapter 010: Extending one’s hands too long

Chapter 011: Seen by him

Chapter 012: It’s really uncomfortable!

Chapter 013: Beware of that person

Chapter 014: They are waiting to laugh at him

Chapter 015: They deliberately made things difficult for him

Chapter 016: Right or Wrong?

Chapter 017: Resentment

Chapter 018: Something happened!

Chapter 019: Regret it

Chapter 020: Protecting the Male Wife

Chapter 021: Never Let Them Off

Chapter 022: A Wicked Idea

Chapter 023: To Evade

Chapter 024: Return the Cloak

Chapter 025: He had something on his mind

Chapter 026: The Calm before Counterattack

Chapter 027: A very awkward situation

Chapter 028: Losing Face

Chapter 029: Drive Him Away

Chapter 030: SanXi Betrayed His Master



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