Dousha Bao

Dousha Bao

Author: Radish Rabbit, 萝卜兔子

Year: 2013

Status in COO: Completed

Chapters: 60 Chapters + 23 Extras

Genres:     Calm Protagonist, Childcare, Cold Love Interests, Drama, Editors, 

                    Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Pregnancy, MPREG, Romance, 

                    Slice of life, Yaoi

Associated names: 豆沙包, 代孕夫


Translator: MiokiMidori


    Six years ago, in order to repay his lover's debt, Wang YinCheng gave birth to a child through surrogacy.

    Six years later, when he flew to H City alone for work, he accidentally met his former lover at the airport. The man was now not only living a beautiful life, but also had a tall, handsome and rich president boyfriend.

    However, what Wang YinCheng did not expect was that the six-year-old son of that indifferent president actually resembled him very closely.

***All rights reserved to the original author (萝卜兔子, Radish Rabbit).***


Chapter 01

Chapter 02

Chapter 03

Chapter 04

Chapter 05

Chapter 06

Chapter 07

Chapter 08

Chapter 09

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